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    Ask Sandy a Question... Sign in to the Fan Network and Submit Your Questions. If selected your question may be answered on the "Sandy Kastel & Friends" Variety TV Show.
  • Sandy Kastel - Speaker
    Sandy Kastel - Speaker "Have you ever been told "You Can't!" "You Won't!" or "You Never Will!" Well, "You Can!" Excerpt from Empowering Women Workshops
  • Sandy Kastel - On-Air Personality
    Sandy Kastel - On-Air Personality "I love interviewing people and discovering how they followed their passion and achieved their goals." Sandy Kastel
  • Sandy Kastel - Performer
    Sandy Kastel - Performer "...All of a sudden the storm had passed A rainbow spread out across the promise land She knew in her heart she wasn’t alone She laughed out loud and said “I’m finally home.” Nashville Tonight
  • Sandy Kastel - Author
    Sandy Kastel - Author "I woke up one morning and realized 'My life has been a series of detours' and I began writing my song and the chapter for Life Choices at the same time'" Life Choices: Navigating Difficult Paths/Detours
  • Sandy Kastel - Philanthropist
    Sandy Kastel - Philanthropist "Sometimes you take a detour on the way to where you go. Wondering which way you're going to turn when you get to the end of the road." Detours
  • Sandy Kastel - Songwriter
    Sandy Kastel - Songwriter "...She asked for a sign from God up above “Please help me understand this 'thing called love' The Music started playing on the radio Haggert started singing, 'That’s the way love goes...'" Nashville Tonight
  • Sandy Kastel and Friends
    Sandy Kastel and Friends "Sandy Kastel & Friends" is the Hottest New Variety TV Show to hit Las Vegas! Direct from the World Market Center in Las Vegas Featuring Local & International Performers, Artists & Authors, Health, Beauty & Fashion Tips, Dining with the Chefs and more....
  • Sandy Kastel
    Sandy Kastel Las Vegas TV Show Host, Performer, Author & Founder of WIMA Women in Music and Arts has something to share with you....
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  • Sandy Kastel and Friends
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The Sandy Kastel Show

The Sandy Kastel Show
Sandy Kastel Author, Singer, Songwriter, Sculptor, Creator of Fit and Fab Forever™ and Founder of WIMA Women in Music and Arts™

The Sandy Kastel Show Featuring Insights into...




HEALTH, BEAUTY AND FITNESS - Learning to live a “Fit and Fab Forever Life” with Sandy Kastel.


REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS - Fixing and Flipping, the Truth about Buying, Renovating and Selling


THE CREATIVE WORLD AROUND US - Exploring the World through Art.


LOVE AND LIFE CHOICES - Sifting through the facts and fiction.


THE LOCKER ROOM - Insights into the minds of Athletes, Coaches and Sports Celebrities.


BEAUTY QUEEN TO BOSS - Building a business from the lessons learned while pursuing the crown.


MAKING MONEY - Discovering the tools that turn dreams into dollars. 


PETS AND PARTNERS - Devoting our lives to our loved ones.


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Sandy Kastel Art Gallery

Egyptian Princess Sculptures by Sandy Kastel

Welcome to The Sandy Kastel Gallery.

Sandy Kastel grew up with art and music in her life and always enjoyed drawing, singing and performing. As a singer, Sandy’s focus was on performing, yet she always kept diaries and dream journals and they wer filled with the sketches of faces and places, dreams and desires and though she enjoyed drawing Sandy often dreamed of working with her hands to create sculptures.

One day the opportunity arrived and Sandy grabbed it and when she began she had no idea that she would be creating the Egyptian Princess. 

Sandy said it was like the Egyptian Princess evolved as her hands worked on the water-based clay. Hours passed as she sculpted the face and eventually when it became apparent that in fact this was to be an Egyptian Princess the headpiece followed. 

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FIT AND FAB FOREVER™ with Sandy Kastel

FIT AND FAB FOREVER™ with Sandy Kastel 


Join Sandy Kastel on a lifestyle journey to living FIT AND FAB FOREVER™ as she introduces you to experts in the Health, Beauty and Fitness fields.

Sandy’s philosophy is enjoying good health while exercising the body and the mind, creating a balanced life. While being an entertainer, Sandy has also travelled around the world, performing for audiences with different eating habits and lifestyles.

Sandy started at a young age taking care of her body including getting facials, massages and exploring the outdoor as well as indoor sports activities and training, including Tap, Ballet and Jazz Dance, Pilates, Feldenkrais, Yoga and more. Sandy has always had an inquisitive mind and loved learning new techniques including African Dance, Rolphing, Alexander Technique, Reiki and Cranial Sacral work.

Sandy’s explorations led her to the belief that there are many paths to healing the mind, body and soul. Now Sandy enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences with others. It is this longing to learn and share that gave birth to the opportunity to create The Sandy Kastel Show, a place where Sandy brings experts in the Health, Beauty and Fitness fields together to answer the questions and demonstrate the techniques that will bring us closer to living FIT AND FAB FOREVER™. 



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Sandy Kastel and Friends TV Show!


Sandy Kastel and Friends TV Show
Features Entertainment and Interviews with
Artists | Performers | Authors | Celebrities
"Cooking with Chef Michael"
"Fit and Fabulous Forever" and More...
Sandy Kastel and Friends TV Show Schedule

Sat. & Sun. 8:30 AM        TV 31.2 & 47.8       
Sat. & Sun. 9:00 AM         KEEN TV 17 (17.1) & TV 31.2
Sat. & Sun. 9:30 AM         TV 47.5 & Prism 22     
Sat. & Sun. 12:00 PM (noon)    KEEN-17 TV (17.1) & TV 31.2
Sat. $ Sun. 12:30 PM        TV 47.6
Sat. & Sun. 12:00 AM (mid)         Retro TV 47.4 & Prism 24   


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